District of Calamity
Henry David Thoreau on Life
Rosie Ruiz on Running
Rosie Ruiz, a 27 year old Cuban American hailing from New York City, was declared the winner of the 1980 Womens’ Boston Marathon with a time of 2 hours 31 minutes 29 seconds, which would have been the fastest female time in the Boston Marathon ever and the 11th quickest recorded time for any female marathoner.   Bill Rogers winning 1980 Boston Marathon

Bill Rogers, the four time…

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Will Ferrell on the Boston Marathon
Neil Weygandt on the Boston Marathon
Samuel Adams on Tyranny
Happy Bunnies Bringing Easter Joy
The rabbit has long been associated with Easter. Pagan Germanic tribes worshiped Eostroa, a Teutonic goddess of fertility, whose symbol was a rabbit around the vernal equinox. The Catholic church syncretically incorporated this traditions in the 15th century with Christian overtones. The fecund fertility of the rabbit reaffirmed how the feast of the resurrection brought new life to the world.…

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Joyce Meyer on Patience
B.C. and A.D. on Good Friday

Johnny Hart was cartoonist who produced the comic strip B.C. from 1958 until his death at the drawing board in 2007.  After Hart’s renewal of religious faith in 1977 in Presybyterianism, the comic strip often incorporated Christian themes into the pre-historic backdrop.

This was even more evident for pieces run during  Holy Week.

Some Jewish critics argued against a depiction of replacement…

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Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on Suffering
Abraham Lincoln on Freedom
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez on Dying
Paul Gauguin on Seeing
Bobby Hull on Being a Millionaire